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Congo Week Themes

Congo Week Thematic Schedule:
  • Sunday: Prayer/Vigil
    Theme: Interfaith Prayer for peace in the Congo
    Action: Host an event to call for peace in the Congo in all faiths

    Monday: Leopold II
    Theme: Congo’s History
    Action: Visit friendsofthecongo.org to learn more about Congo’s history
    Proposed Film: Congo: White King, Red Rubber Black Death 
    Recommended Readings:
    Congo: From Leopold to Kabila, A People's History by Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
    King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild
    King Leopold's Soliloquy by Mark Twain
    Red Rubber by E. D. Morel
    The Rise and Decline of the Zairian State by Crawford Young and Thomas Turner
    Congo: The Epic History of a People by David Van Reybrouck

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    Tuesday: Lumumba
    Theme: The Ideas and Teachings of Patrice Lumumba
    Action: Support Congolese youth who are striving to fulfill the ideas of Lumumba
    Proposed Film: Lumumba by Raoul Peck
    Recommended Readings: 
    Patrice Lumumba by Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
    Lumumba Speaks: The Speeches and Writings of Patrice Lumumba, 1958-1961
    Edited by Jean Van Lierde
    Rise and Fall of Patrice Lumumba by Thomas Kanza
    The Assassination of Lumumba by Ludo DeWitte
    American Foreign Policy in the Congo, 1960-1964 By Stephen R. Weissman
     "Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), 1964-1968, Volume XXII, Congo, 1960-1968." U.S. State Department
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    Wednesday: The Cell Out
    Theme: Congo’s Connection to Modern technology
    Action: Use cell phones as a tool for activism. Visit www.thecellout.com to get involved and visit conflictminerals.org for more information.
    Proposed Film: Blood Coltan and Congo's Tin Miners
    Recommended Readings: Coltan by Michael Nest 

    Thursday: Women in Congolese Society
    Theme: The Role of Women in Congolese Society
    Action: Make a financial contribution to Congolese organizations working with women in the Congo
    Proposed Films: Lumo, Jazz Mama and Women Beyond War: A World March In Africa
    Recommended Readings: Tell This To My Mother by Joseph Mwantuali and Essays by Congolese Women Leaders

    Friday: A Free and Liberated Congo
    Theme: The World’s Best Kept Secret: Realizing Congo’s enormous human and natural potential
    Action: Discussion panel, forum, invite speakers, skype exchange with Congolese youth
    Proposed Film: Mabele Na Biso (Our Land)
    Recommended Readings: Lumumba Speaks: The Speeches and Writings of Patrice Lumumba, 1958-1961
    Edited by Jean Van Lierde

    Saturday: "Break The Silence!" (benefit concerts and fundraisers)
    Theme: Worldwide Support Day of Congo
    Action: Fundraiser for Congo Connect Youth Initiative